It generally takes me a long time to fall hard for a product. These 10 new releases are the total exception to the rule. Here’s why they earn my insta-love!

Ellovi Body Butters*, $26, & Lip Balms*, $5, in Vanilla and Mint Chocolate


If you are already a fan of Ellovi Butter, you’ll absolutely adore the same luscious, six-ingredient formula with a hint of Vanilla or a sweet dose of Mint Chocolate goodness. Mmm… Aside from the scents, the creamy butters are made with sustainability and compassion in mind—glass jars, non-GMO and edible ingredients, and, of course, cruelty-free. My faves: the vanilla body butter, which is so amazingly versatile, and the mint chocolate or tinted lip balms. These are hard core butters. A little goes a long way, so a jar could last a while even with consistent use.

Jordan Samuel Plié Treatment Cleanser*

Get ready to embark on a totally novel cleansing adventure! You’ve used oils and you’ve used cleansing gels, but I’m betting that you’ve never used a product that feels like both! I know that I haven’t—until now. This unique gel to oil formula is a brilliant creation by Jordan Samuel that contains hydrating olive, jojoba, and grape seed oils to thoroughly melt off all traces of makeup, plus sugarcane, apple, and willow bark extracts to offer a gentle chemical exfoliation.
You use it on dry skin to emulsify makeup, dirt, grime, and SPF, then follow with a warm wet washcloth to remove. If desired, you can wash with another product or simply enjoy the cleanse as is. Depending on how much makeup I’m wearing, I’ve tried both ways successfully. This was truly love at first use—as much for the novelty as for the efficacy of the product. Expect clean, smooth skin with no dryness or unhappy irritation.
As described by the brand:
Just as plié is the first movement that dancers perform in preparation for their day, Plié Treatment Cleanser is the ideal first step in your skin care regimen.
As a first step or a stand alone product, this cleanser gets a standing ovation.

Josh Rosebrook Lift Volumizing Spray, $22


This latest release by Josh Rosebrook has sold out over three times on Integrity Botanicals. If that doesn’t speak volumes—pun intended—I don’t know what does. Honestly, there was no trial period for this spray-on treatment. Post shower, I gave my hair a few spritzes—not paying too much attention as I was rushing—and started to blow dry. Well, by golly, this stuff worked. As my hair dried, it was clear that it looked fuller, thicker, and…well..lifted. Now I’m hooked.

Horsetail, lavender, sage, thyme, rosemary and peppermint work synergistically to stimulate the follicle and scalp, increasing circulation to the bulb and creating a thicker hair shaft. Genius, methinks. Yet another herb-enriched formula as we’ve come to expect from Josh Rosebrook. Oh! In case you’re concerned, as I was, that some strands would become stiff with product (you know what I mean?), fear not. My hair stays soft to the touch with no rampant stickiness.

Leahlani Skincare Bless Balm with Blue Tansy, $48


It’s probably very wrong of me to post another teaser, but I can’t help giving a preview of this gorgeous product. My Instagram feed is full of photos of Leahlani Skincare. I’ve been using her Mermaid Mask (on jar three!) and Honey Love Microdermabrasion 3-in-1 Cleanser, Mask, Exfoliator diligently since discovering this gorgeous, Hawaiian-based line. But I have many more loves (like this serum and that one) and know that I’m long overdue for a review. (Here it is!)

So when the absolutely lovely Leah Klasovsky, who happens to be a holistic esthetician (can we say major girl crush?!), sent me this pink balm with blue tansy to try, I was beside myself with joy.

Firstly, it’s pink, a natural hue derived from one of its ingredients (which one? I don’t know because the full formula has yet to be revealed!) It contains blue tansy—a.k.a. Moroccan Blue Chamomile—an ingredient that feeds my current obsession with blue plants, herbs, or essential oils that are anti-inflammatory and ideal for sensitive, irritated skin like mine. The texture is so gorgeous. I’ve used many a solid balm that requires a moment of melting time on contact, but this lovely treat is the perfect rich, creamy, and soothing feel that I adore. Plus my skin loves it.

I’ve still got plenty left of May Lindstrom’s opulent balm, the blue cocoon, but when it’s done, I’m heading straight for this one!

One Love Organics Vitamin C body polish, $48


I really think that One Love Organics (OLO) can do no wrong. This company consistently nails their formulas, achieving the perfect balance of clean ingredients, sleek packaging, and dependable results. It’s such an ideal line to introduce to newbies in the green beauty world because it is absolutely passable as a mainstream brand.

I bought the Vitamin C body polish as part of the Tropical Getaway Gift Set ( no longer available), and it is every bit as rich and juicy as you’ve come to expect from OLO. It is similar in fragrance to the Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics Vitamin B Cleansing Oil and Body Oil that accompany it in the set.

Unlike many sugar scrubs that tend to separate or come out a bit gritty, this Vitamin C-infused scrub seems more like a granulated putty with a piña colada scent that has me singing Rupert Holmes’ Escape song whenever I indulge in it. (Feel free to hit the play button while you read the rest!)

Clearly it’s called body polish for a reason as it leaves skin oh-so-fabulously silky and exfoliated. If I’m in a hurry after showering, I can often skip a body oil, thanks to the addition of sunflower seed oil, aloe, and shea oil. The only drawback would be “if you’re not into the feel of the ocean…or getting caught in the rain,” then I simply can’t help you.

CAMP Yin Yang Balancing Facial Oil*, $36 & CAMP Matcha Latte Eye Cream*, $46


I’m a sucker for a great smell, and CAMP Skincare pretty much won me over when I smoothed this rose gold hued oil onto my skin and inhaled. What, pray tell, is in this succulent confection? So many goodies, yet still not too complicated a formula to confuse already troubled skin.

Both watermelon and cherry kernel oils are high in linoleic acid—now my buzzword for optimal oils for oily/combo/and troubled skin. Argan, camellia seed, and pomegranate oils round out the formula with hydrating, line smoothing, and healing properties. I’m a huge fan of camellia seed oil as the ancient beauty ritual renowned for preserving the porcelain skin and lustrous hair of geisha girls.

I must admit, sometimes it gets a little confusing when I’m choosing my oils, since I’m still a devoted fan of my HG serum by Laurel Whole Plant Organics (full review and confession here). CAMP surprised me with this delivery and I’m thrilled that they did! It’s truly a well-balanced oil that I can’t resist reaching for and using in conjunction with the anti-inflammatory serum. I’m having no adjustment time with this product (that usually means dealing with a slew of new breakouts and heading straight back to Laurel WPO to pick up the pieces), so I’m going through a few drops daily with nice results.

As for the Matcha Latte Eye Cream—oh my gosh! Doesn’t the name make you want to sip a delicious, frothing latte? It’s so enticing! The actual cream is no less enticing, though I’m a tad surprised that it’s called a cream. This delicately mint scented product feels more like a solid balm than a cream.

Ingredients like matcha green tea, green coffee bean oil, and cucumber seed oils target the major eye issues like fine lines, puffiness, and hydration. These firm up the skin on a cellular level along with an impressive list of heavy-hitters like mango butter, borage seed oil, which is high in GLA—an omega 6 fatty acid known to stimulate skin cell regeneration, pomegranate seed oil, and camellia seed oil.

The one unexpected ingredient is peppermint oil which I was uncertain about using near the sensitive eye area. However, it seems to be fine for me and causes no irritation, plus its addition is meant to deliver a cooling, soothing, and anti-inflammatory effect.

It’s a highly emollient cream/balm that performs.

Skin Owl Beauty Drops PM—Mangosteen, $85


I couldn’t resist snapping up these after hour beauty drops when Skin Owl launched the serum several months ago. It was the siren call of “mangosteen” that ultimately lured me. This ingredient is purported to be anti-bacterial and anti-microbial to correct blemishes, oily skin, and chronic dry skin. Skin Owl refers to this product as an “oxygenating oil” designed to de-stress and restore skin from the outside in, while boosting lackluster skin within a matter of hours! (Can you see why I caved?)

If that’s not enough, this serum marries mangosteen oil with organic, cold-pressed South African Baobab oil, also highly absorbent and known for its anti-bacterial, anti-viral,  and anti-inflammatory properties.

What am I loving about it? Like I said, I’m weak when it comes to a gorgeous aroma and this one is irresistible—like candy. It’s a light, dreamy oil that works seamlessly with my Laurel WPO serum/balm cocktail (more on that soon!), though I prefer it alone on the nights when I don’t feel like playing the mad chemist and mixing up my night time concoction.

Even after a poor night’s sleep, my skin looks awake and recharged.

Satori* by Lina Hanson, $90

Inspired by the Far East, the evocative aromas of warm vanilla, grounding sandalwood, and notes of crisp and refreshing japanese yuzu and ginger blend to create a sensual and highly sophisticated fragrance. I’m generally a citrus kinda gal, but even I felt intoxicated by this scent.

As with all Lina Hanson’s gorgeous products (the Global serum is another stellar product!), this perfume is tied to a cause that gives back to people in need. Purchasing Satori from March through May contributes 15 percent of all proceeds to the displaced and war-torn people of Kurdistan through The International Rescue Committee (IRC).

But the real kicker with this new release was seeing the reaction of a bunch of us beauty bloggers as we sat around sniffing it after this fun Happy Hour get together hosted by the one and only Ali Bartolone of Verdant Beauty. Dare I liken it to Meg Ryan’s infamous scene in When Harry Met Sally? I daresay that I do. This scent received the approval of all the discerning ladies there. (Here’s the insta-video with proof.)

Your turn to spill. What new releases have you been trying and loving? Any insta-faves?

*These products were generously provided to me by the company. This in no way affects my opinions or whether or not I choose to review the product. Some affiliate links in post.