A magazine that begs to be sipped slowly like a tender cup of tea. That’s Thoughtfully Magazine, the latest enterprise by Brandie Gilliam, founder of Organic Beauty Talk, and a team of talented creatives.

Not long after the release of Issue 1 in Fall 2014, Thoughtfully earned a coveted spot in Whole Foods Markets around the nation. It continues to circulate digitally, but the print version sold out within months. If that doesn’t speak volumes, I don’t know what does. Dare I say that Issue 1 could become a collectible?

Today you can finally sneak a peek at the Spring 2015 digital issue—Josie Maran is on the cover!—and I am heading over to snag a virtual copy now. Meanwhile, here’s why this mag is cocktail table material in my book.

IMG_20150212_071543It placed me in present moment

When I received Issue 1*, I felt compelled to take a few moments to leaf through the pages. Each one begs the reader to take pause and linger for a while—allowing the stunning visuals to penetrate. Even the feel of the paper is unique—not slick and glossy like a typical magazine on the rack and definitely more substantial. Perhaps it’s a loftier fiber? I can’t tell, but the texture appealed to my touch instantly.


It’s got plenty of eye candy

The arresting spread in the photo above showcases beauty expert Rebecca Casciano’s artistry invoking Zeus’ Lovers. Her sustainable makeup picks by W3LL PEOPLE, Ilia Beauty, and Eco Bella soared to the top of my wishlist, as she deftly channels ancient looks with a contemporary vibe.

It offers strong content

The cover story about actress and activist, Shiva Rose, inspires living a Bohemian life in style. I found other features to be relevant, engaging, and thought-provoking (how apropos), like the interview with the co-CEO of Whole Foods Market and another about one of my favorite eco-friendly fashion sites, Threads 4 Thought. Confession: I am wearing one of their sweatshirts today that I picked up at Whole Foods Market. The irony.

IMG_20150309_230419It’s highly informative

It’s worth checking out Kasey Lum’s list of things to do in Austin, Texas that stirred a healthy dose of wanderlust, as well as Susannah Compton’s detailed article about exercising discernment when using essential oils. You’ll want to read it to know exactly how to choose the best ones, avoid the synthetic oils, and learn how to apply them correctly.

IMG_20150318_130033It will increase your wishlist

There are enough product recommendations, style tips, easy-to-duplicate DIYs and recipes to keep your looks current and a conscious consumer hooked! Check out the one in the photo above that calls for four ingredients that I already had in my pantry. It took all of ten minutes to whip it up and worked like a dream!

You won’t want to put it down

The first issue of Thoughtfully Magazine embraces my ideal of what it would mean to live thoughtfully. Each article gently calls you into leading a cleaner, healthier life without it being dogmatic—more like an open invitation. Though I’ve poured through the pages before, I indulge in them again and again.

It’s family friendly

Unlike many magazines today, this is one that I’m proud to display on my coffee table, out in the open for my kids to flip through and enjoy. I can’t say that for most publications any more.

A nuanced read like this one is hard to come by. I can’t wait to devour the next issue.

Thoughtfully Magazine is also a sponsor of A Night for Green Beauty taking place in Chicago, August 6th. WOOT!

*Brandie kindly sent me a copy for perusal.