A lot is going on these days in the world of clean beauty! Here is what’s happening that you need to know about.

S.W. Basics hits Target stores—let’s rally in support of this huge achievement for eco-conscious beauty!


It seems that Adina Grigore has really hit her stride these days. First, the release of her eye-opening, must-read book, Skin Cleanse, and now her product line, S.W. Basics, launches at Target stores nationwide.

If you’re not already familiar with S.W. Basics, then it is totally worth exploring! Each product is formulated with five ingredients or less, based on her philosophy that the skin needs far less interference than the beauty industry wants us to believe. Definitely get a hold of some and give them a try.

It is a big deal that Target recognizes the demand for eco-friendly products. Now that this mega-store is paving the way to mainstreaming clean beauty, it’s our job to prove that we want more of these products in stores. It would be fantastic to see eco-friendly options replacing brands that don’t share our values for safety and sustainability. You can locate a Target near you that carries the line here. Happy shopping!

Verdant Beauty hosts Green Beauty Happy Hour

verdant_instagram_dJoin us green beauty aficionados at the Brooklyn Winery on Thursday, March 26th for Green Beauty Happy Hour. Check out Verdant Beauty’s invitation here.

If you don’t already follow Ali Bartolone, you must! She has organized some wonderful events like a Meow Meow Tweet soap making class, tea blending with the ladies from R. L. Linden, and more. So much fun!

Rebecca Casciano’s Sacred Beauty Salon Series

IMG_20150316_085051On March 8th, makeup artist and natural beauty expert Rebecca Casciano started a movement called Sacred Beauty—an intimate gathering designed to delve deeper into the relationship between how you look and how you feel.  It’s not too late to join here and read more about it on Organic Beauty Talk.  

Please note some date and location updates. The next workshop will take place on Saturday, April 4th and will be held at 27 W. 24th St., Suite 207. Rebecca is wonderful and perfectly suited to guiding your exploration into your most beautiful self from the foundation up.

Instagram mini-gram series kickoff: Let food be thy skincare


For those of you who are not local to all these enticing events, fear not! I’ve got something in store for you on my Instagram feed. Yesterday, I kicked off a one-of-a-kind “mini-gram” series called “Let food be thy skincare” to highlight the nurturing foods that work wonders for beautifying and healing us on the inside and out.

Seems apropos of Edible Facial, doesn’t it? In any case, you’re sure to be amazed at some of the food ingredients found in your skin care. Think: kale, broccoli, pineapples, cranberries, and more. It’s awesome how companies have incorporated whole food nutrients into beauty. See you there!

NJ Fundraiser for The Glamorganic Goddess


I was deeply saddened when I found out recently that Danielle Messina, the delightful blogger behind The Glamorganic Goddess, has suffered a cancer relapse. Having recovered from breast cancer and living clean for years, Danielle started her blog to give hope to others and offer wise choices in cancer prevention through natural lifestyle swaps.

This news has hit her and her family on all levels, and they are reaching out for financial aid to support her recovery—most of which is not covered by insurance. Here are ways for you to help out here and here.

I’ve also decided to host a fundraiser on Sunday, May 31st from 11 am to 1 pm (location yet to be determined—possibly my home), so that people who are interested in green beauty can come and explore the most enticing products available. ALL proceeds for raffles and suggested donations will go to Danielle’s medical treatment.

I am still working out the details but if you are a brand or company and would like to send over some products for a giveaway and also for guests to sniff, touch, and try, that would be AMAZING! My goal is to have a “Nail Bar,” “Lippy Bar,” “Foundation Bar,” “Color Bar,” “Fragrance Bar,” “Serum Bar,” “Body Bar” and more!

Feel free to write to me at my personal email, if you have it, or at [email protected]

Don’t miss these up and coming events!

Of course, don’t forget to check out the updated website for A Night for Green Beauty, THE place to be on August 6th in Chicago, with an all new lineup of brands, a beauty show, where to stay, and what to do while you’re in the Windy City.

You’ll also want to start planning for the W.E.L.L. Summit  a curated wellness conference taking place in Boston from November 6 to 7. You’re sure to be dazzled by the lineup of dynamic speakers: Adina Grigore, Latham Thomas, Jolene Hart, Brandie Gilliam, and Tara Folley—find out all about them here under SPEAKERS. It’s not too late to apply for sponsorship or to fill out the questionnaire asking how the event can best be tailored to suit your interests.

One more thing!

If you are a green beauty blogger or brand owner in the Tri-State area and would like to be included in local events, please let me know asap. I’ve got plenty of events in the works and this is the way to stay in the know.

Have a fabulous week!


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