d-022114-038Do you ever wonder what you’re actually drinking in those ubiquitous coffee shops? No one knows better than coffee aficionado, Stephanie Additon.

For Stephanie, coffee is a household word. Inspired by her husband’s artisan roasted coffee shop, Updike’s Newtowne, in Rhode Island, she knew that coffee boasted high antioxidants and decided to marry beauty with coffee. The result? A partnership with Emily Drouin and a newly launched, richly scented confection called JAVA Skin Care. The company’s products awaken your skin with a cup o’ joe done right.

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Stephanie was extremely generous to send me full sizes of the Body Serum, Body Wash, Body Bar, and Body Scrub, also known as The Body Collection valued at $80.** I was barely done unwrapping the package when I realized that it was love at first freshly perked whiff. Using the products, though–that’s a whole other experience.

These products feel sensational on the skin—hydrating without being heavy, cleansing without drying at all. While the coffee scrub does require some extra rinsing, the herbaceous aroma alone makes me want to linger in the shower anyway. Expect smooth, silky skin to follow. How about the claim of reduced cellulite? Too soon to tell but I’ll scrub away ’til it happens. Plus I’m impressed with the company’s philosophy of sourcing stellar organic ingredients worldwide but making the product locally.

You see, this is no ordinary coffee, my friends. The main ingredient in each of the formulas is cold-pressed, non-roasted Green Coffee, reported to rank higher in antioxidant levels than dark chocolate, green tea, and even açai berries! (Are you getting excited yet?)

But don’t ask me. Let’s hear right from the source, as Stephanie explains the benefits of green coffee and why you’d want to fill your cup with it from now on. I bet my beans on it.

Thank you so much, Stephanie, for taking the time to answer these questions for The Savvy Naturalista. I am also super excited that Stephanie and Emily are among the outstanding sponsors of Feed, Nourish, Beautify at Yarok Beauty Kitchen this week in NYC, so guests will have a chance to experience JAVA Skin Care—and will get to meet them!

What are the skin-loving benefits of organic green coffee?

Cold-pressed organic green coffee bean extract contains significantly higher antioxidant levels than virtually any known substance on earth and delivers unique rejuvenation properties to your skin.

When combined with the proven skin-smoothing effects of the natural caffeine in artisan roasted coffee, and a unique blend of organic essentials, the benefits to your skin go through the roof and “Awaken Your Natural Beauty.”

JAVA Coffee Infused Skin Care products super-hydrate, firm and tighten your skin, reduce the appearance of cellulite, smooth out wrinkles and slow the appearance of aging, protect from free radicals, repair sun damage, regenerate healthy cells, and restore a youthful glow.
We call the results of this unique combination of organic green coffee, all-natural roasted coffee, and organic essential oils “The JAVA Effect,”  what some have likened to an “all-natural anti-oxidant bomb for the skin.”

Additionally, in a process created by, and known only to the JAVA family, our green coffee bean extract is made entirely in the U.S. by artisan roasters and master millers. JAVA’s master roaster has created a proprietary way to prepare green coffee extract so that no additional heat or fillers is added to the production, which maintains extraordinarily high levels of antioxidants (one of the secrets behind the JAVA effect).

What product(s) includes this ingredient?

All products in The JAVA line contain cold-pressed organic green coffee. They include: Citrus Blossom Body Serum, Coffee Bean & Raw Sugar Body Scrub, Sweet Almond Body Wash, and Exfoliating Bath Bar.

JAVA softens, tightens, and heals your skin using only exquisite, all-natural, globally sourced (but American made) organic ingredients.


What results can you expect to see?

It’s difficult to avoid the toxins from air pollution floating around us all the time, so we have to protect our skin against them. Free radicals, dust, and smog can clog pours and affect collagen production. At JAVA we like to say that toxins cause “rust” on the skin in the form of wrinkles, grayness, age spots, acne, and dry patches. Applying antioxidants, like the ones found in uniquely high concentrations in JAVA products to your skin, and exfoliating twice a week, can act like a “rust remover” helping to heal skin, and prevent further damage.

Our customers are seeing significant reduction of the appearance of cellulite (80% according to consumer testimonials), overall tightening and firming of common body “trouble spots”, more efficacious reduction in the appearance of wrinkles vs. leading skin care brands (according to testimonials), dramatic lightening of age spots, rapid repair from sun burns and other skin irritations, super-hydration, and the restoration of a youthful glow.

What customers are saying about it…

Customers love JAVA’s delectable aroma and the unparalleled improvements to their skin, of course, but they also love JAVA’s long list of eco-luxury attributes including: vegan, gluten free & organic ingredients; 100% biodegradable; supports environmentally sustainable growing through the promotion of agricultural practices and honest worker wages; do not contain GMO’s, artificial fragrances, dyes, or fillers; and were never tested on animals.

Here’s what some of our customers are saying:

“JAVA Serum seems to cure sun burn over night. I’ve had amazing experiences with it this summer”— (Trisha K, JAVA customer)

“JAVA is a miracle for cellulite.  I noticed a significant reduction in one week, and after 2 weeks, I swear my butt is tighter and firmer.  I exercise regularly and watch my diet, so I attribute the difference to JAVA.  I was so happy with these results, I actually just tried the body wash on my hair and I’m hooked.  Thank you for making these amazing products!  More please!”—(Maria M, JAVA customer)

“I spent a lot of time in the sun and city in my younger years, and it has always shown on my skin. After a week of using JAVA I noticed that the age spots on my hands were starting to lighten. After two weeks they were all but gone. I couldn’t be happier about how much younger my skin looks.”—(Jaquelin D, JAVA customer)

“Have to say that the JAVA bar soap and JAVA serum is all you need to take on a beach vacation! The serum is oh so soothing on skin after a day in the sun! I like it better than aloe on slightly sunburned skin. Turns right to tan and no peeling so far!”—(Susan M, JAVA customer)

“JAVA supplies something that the skincare industry not only lacks, but also needs in order to help curb its unhealthy obsession with the use of cheap and potentially harmful chemicals. JAVA skincare is here, and it’s ready to wake up you, your skin, and the skincare industry.”—(Leah C. Abrams, New York Girl Style)

“My skin has never been smoother or softer, and I owe it all to JAVA! They know what they are doing when it comes to skincare.”— Style Week North East CEO Rosanna M Ortiz


Food for thought

If you have never had a fresh cup of coffee that was small batch roasted less then a week before it was ground and brewed, you haven’t truly experienced how coffee is meant to be enjoyed. With all of the mass produced coffee on grocery store shelves and served up through a window at your local chain, it’s no wonder the majority of people cover up their caffeine fix with cream and sugar, without realizing how many calories and belly aches can be avoided if you take the time to appreciate a good cup of joe.


Macro-roasting companies roast millions of pounds a year.  Because the average consumer doesn’t demand a high quality bean, these companies will blend Arabica (the good stuff) with lower-quality, cheaper Robusta coffee.  This means they can buy just about any bean, grind it all together, roast it dark (dark roasting coffee is easier to mass produce, and gets reduced in mass making it cheaper to ship world wide) and be confident that no one is going to ask where the beans came from, or how they were handled before they ended up in the cup.


Another problem with mass produced coffee is freshness.  Coffee beans should be used two to seven days after roasting and ground immediately before brewing.  Once you grind a coffee bean, its volatile oils and aromas will start to dissipate immediately.  Coffee becomes stale quickly, making it less aromatic and flavorful the longer you wait to drink it.


Finding a coffee shop that roasts its own beans will change your entire coffee experience.  In most cases, the roasters sourcing the coffee actually care about their beans; that’s why they got into the business.  This means that they will be able to tell you exactly where the beans came from, how they were handled (organic, fair trade, bird friendly, shade grown, etc.) and when they were roasted.  Not only can you then drink your cup of coffee with a clear conscience, but something amazing will happen.  You’ll taste the coffee!  After a little practice, you’ll start to experience the many possible flavors found in fresh roasted coffee that vary depending on the country of origins soil, climate, and altitude.

And I’ll bet you’ll lose the sugar and cream as well.

*All photos courtesy of Java Skincare

**Special thanks to Elaine Springer for introducing me to this wonderful product line!

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