On really bad skin days, I must use foundation to even out my complexion. The Catch-22? I can’t stand adding fuel to my already inflamed skin. Even when the ingredients are natural, a liquid foundation must reach a certain consistency that demands the use of emulsifiers, water, and some type of preservative. By the end of a day wearing it, my skin tends to erupt even more.

Enter the wonderful solution of mixing mineral foundation with a small amount of balm to create the perfect finish.  (See? I promised that I’d tell you after this post!) This is a win-win formula for many skin types. Why?

  • No water or extraneous additives means less chance that the ingredients in your foundation will cause breakouts and irritation.
  • Your skin gets to enjoy the benefits of a concentrated, nutrient-rich balm. All. Day. Long. Think about that!
  • The more viscous layer creates a barrier shielding your exposed skin from the elements that bombard it from the outside AND sealing in hydration to protect it from losing vital water and electrolytes from the inside.
  • You get to determine the amount you need to achieve optimum coverage—no more of that tinted moisturizer/BB/CC coverage to figure out.

So take a little time to play around with it to get to the right level of coverage that you need for that day. More powder = more cover. See? It’s easy.

This works amazingly well.  Here’s how!

First, the tools.


Then the pouring.

This can be mixed on your hand too, but for demo purposes I used the back of a white cutting board which felt a lot like a painter’s palette. I rather enjoyed this, actually! Sprinkle powder first. Then add a touch of balm slowly. You can always add but you can’t remove it.


Mixing is the fun part.
IMG_20141002_083443And so is the application.

Once you mix the powder with a small amount of the balm, apply to face with a stippling motion using the brush. Dab the cosmetic sponge over to create a seamless look. If you’re not using any of the tools, simply blend into your skin as you normally would with your regular foundation. But go lightly! A little can go a long way.

When done with foundation, mist skin lightly with the toner, take a tissue and lightly blot and release. I find that this added step helps the minerals blend into the skin, so that it doesn’t have the look of sitting on top of your face. You should not detect it at all. Often friends think that I never wear makeup, which is a joke because I’m always using foundation. I just blend it really well and keep it fairly sheer.

Once the even-toned canvas has been prepared, you can apply any color cosmetics at this point and/or a light dusting of finishing powder to set the foundation.

Here’s one more neat trick. If you find that the foundation came on a little strong, no worries. Take a tiny amount of serum or balm into the palms of your hands, warm it, then pat over your face. This helps dissolve any excess and blends in the color.

Voila! Gorgeous skin with the exact coverage you need. Vying for more instructions? One Love Organics has them here!

Have you ever tried using a balm with mineral foundation? What ways have you used balms that you love? Do share! (And speaking of share, I’ve got an awesome beauty blogger who will be spilling it tomorrow! I’m super excited about it…you’ll know why soon.)

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