I absolutely can not contain my excitement over the next guest post for The Savvy Naturalista. Kelly, the awesome founder of Tastyface Organics, gives us the deets about one of my personal favorite ingredients: tamanu oil. More gushing after she tells us why we NEED this crucial ingredient in our skincare…(and after she uses a word that I totally had to look up!)

What are the skin-loving benefits of tamanu oil?

Tamanu oil appears to be one of THE most cicatrizing agents found in nature.  Cicatrization is essentially, the process of wound healing. We see accelerated scar and acne healing, eczema relief, and redness reduction across the board.  Some Pacific Island folk medicine encourages its use to heal cuts, scrapes, burns, acne and acne scars, psoriasis, sunburn, dry or scaly skin, blisters, eczema, to relieve sore throat, and to relieve neuralgia, rheumatism and sciatica as well!  Truly a natural medicinal powerhouse for skin and body!

What product(s) includes this ingredient?

Our coconut cream cleanser and healing serum.

What results can you expect to see?

Reduction in appearance of acne, redness, and scars as well as other skin sensitivities!

What customers are saying about it…

We have customers who have seen results in 24-48 hours!  They write constantly telling me about their healing stories—these are deeply touching stories!  Old acne scars reduced, less redness and inflammation, and overall just an improved skin texture and glow!

Here’s a story about eczema help for a little tastyface user!  “Going to bed the other night, my daughter, Avery said, “OH YA, I forgot to do my face!”
My seven year old who has battled such severe eczema every winter…has ZERO sign of it now. Her nightly ritual is the TFO healing serum blended and warmed in palm with our rosemary aloe toner. She happily spreads the potion on her typically dry face and uses any excess on her arms. She gets the “grown up” feeling fulfilled of applying something “cosmetic” to her skin.  And I warm in the delight that my baby is applying topical nourishment and doing so willfully! And has had no eczema flair-ups.”

Bonus question: Name one product that you can’t live without. (Just for fun, cuz we all want to know!)

Oh, our cleanser!  I love it so much.  My skin stays so balanced and moisturized and I love the way it smells!

Edible Facial Raves

Are you ready for some sweet-scented pampering? You are going to want to slather yourself in these unique products! The Coconut Vanilla Cream Cleanser has a texture that’s a cross between a balm and a cold cream. It’s really different and lovely to use. You won’t feel any dryness at all while it sweeps off all traces of makeup.

Follow up this step with a pump of the Tamanu + Grapefruit serum warmed between your palms and pressed to your face for a really tasty treat. [You already know about spritzing toner on your skin prior to serum and then using the gentle press-release motion to apply the oils to damp skin, right?]

The clever addition of grapefruit masks the pungent aroma of tamanu oil which can be quite strong thanks to its powerful properties. After several particularly bad skin days, I used this serum served up neat at night and woke up to calm, healed skin. It’s on my menu now for sure. A little goes a long way.

You can find, follow, like, pin, and buy Tastyface Organics here (you’re gonna want to, I know it!):

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