Little girl in the bed

When we are little, we resist naps like the plague.
When we grow older, we can’t get enough of them.
woman singing in bath showerAs children, we refuse to take baths.
As adults, we refuse to get out.
Cute baby placing her foot on her mouth while lying on a blanketA baby sucks his feet and nibbles his toes.
An adult puts his foot in his mouth.
Child's face looking through a hole in paperA child is considered shy or unfriendly.
An adult is called an introvert.
Big mistakeAs children, we get blamed for making mistakes.
As adults, we spend our lives learning to forgive.
Close-up portrait of adorable sad child girl wearing pink knitteAs children, we are told to put on our coats—even when we’re feeling hot.
As adults, we can’t figure out what we want.

Children with a colour pencil

As children, we color the walls, outside the lines, all over our faces—and are told off.
As adults, we fear expanding outside of the box.
Smiling boy hugging a treeAs children, we touch dirt, we climb trees, we reach for the sky—and are ordered to wash hands, be careful, get down.
As adults, we touch screens, we press buttons, we push send, we sit down.

mismatched shoes

A child who puts on plaid tights with a floral dress is told to get changed.
An adult is called a trendsetter.
Making homeworkA child works hard at school all day, then spends hours doing homework at night.
An adult works hard all day and takes a breather at night.
child with finger to lips to ask for quiet or silenceA child wonders why someone looks weird and gets reprimanded.
As adults, we wonder when we lost our self-expression.
Good studentA child scores by knowing the answers.
An adult gains by asking the questions.
Smiling babyA baby smiles when staring at nothing.
A child smiles when gaining knowledge.
An adult smiles by emptying the mind.
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