No Bull Blemish Blaster

There’s nothing like seeing something that we need to get rid of and tackling it head on. No cr*ppy excuses. No bull.  Like this zit-zapping product. It’s from No Bull Beauty, a label with the motto “No Bogus Ingredients. No Chemical Crap. NO BULL!”. (Don’t ya just love that?!)

Courtesy of No Bull Beauty

Courtesy of No Bull Beauty, $26

Check out some of the incredible ingredients in the No Bull Blemish Blaster and what they do (from the website):

Aloe Vera Gel  – Soothing, anti-inflammatory
Neem Extract- Anti-bacterial, anti-microbial
Licorice Root – Reduces discoloration and inflammation
Witch Hazel – Soothing, reduces swelling, flushes pores
Willow Bark – Natural salicylic acid, gently exfoliates
Tea Tree Oil – Prevents and reduces bacteria formation
Grapefruit Essential Oil – AHA fruit acid mildly exfoliates and regulates sebum (oil) production

I love neem oil. It’s just one of my thangs—right up there with some of the other goodies in this formula that are so great for healing the skin.  Unlike other blemish busters, this oil actually smells delicious. I’m not kidding. I could inhale it. And I do—every time I dab it on those nasty little red signs of imbalance.

I also like that these drops are not oily at all. It’s more of a gel-liquid consistency that absorbs quickly, so it works great before putting on makeup.

While no pimple-nabbing lotion or potion erases a zit right away, these drops definitely speed up the process. Plus it doesn’t overdo the drying. In fact, I don’t find it drying at all, which means no peeling or flaking skin to deal with on top of the inflammation.

And who better to know what works on the skin than an esthetician with 25 years of experience in the industry. Not only that, but the founder of No Bull Beauty, Sheryl Lynn Gibbs, battles with über-sensitive skin herself, so she knows which ingredients work, which ones are hype, and which ones actually harm the skin. She has an impressive working knowledge of natural healing methods and takes a totally hands-on approach with all her products—overseeing the process from A to Z.

More importantly, she cares.  That’s what comes through in her formulations.  I’ve been lucky enough to forge a phone/email friendship with her and I am in awe of the devotion, creativity, and wisdom that goes into the process. It totally comes through in the way she talks about her creations.

Besides the awesome motto and other skinsational products in the range (I’ve tried ’em & love ’em!), Urban Outfitters discovered this niche brand and is selling it online. That means good things on the horizon for green beauty because more big stores are starting to see the wisdom in selling authentic natural products.  (Just saw that Tata Harper was picked up by Neiman Marcus. Natch!) Purchasing power speaks volumes.

Have you tried anything from No Bull Beauty yet? Don’t ya love the tagline?


Courtesy of No Bull Beauty

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