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[Disclaimer: In the name of making an impact, I use one not-so-nice word. Please excuse this departure from the norm.]

What makes someone stand out?  What makes them unique? And how does anyone know if they are bringing their truth? I decided to scan the internet to see if there was a common thread among people who make their mark.

Here’s what I found.

1) You’re gonna get people mad.

That’s right. Originality and truth-speaking ruffle feathers. It’s an occupational hazard but somebody’s gotta push some buttons to make waves in the cosmos.

2) They will call you names.

Get used to hearing the word “beeyatch” or worse.*  Those are good indications that you’ve touched on a nerve that’s going to inspire a revolution.                                  *Male readers please insert choice words for men, as you deem fit.

3) They will try to silence you.

There are loads of ways to make you shut up. Name-calling is one of them. There are also fear tactics, insults, fruit-slinging, and muck-diggers. Always respond with kindness. Or whips. (You ARE a “beeyatch” after all. Give ’em what they want!)

4) People will “unfollow” you.

Not everyone can hang on to your coattails. Some people will fall off your trail. Others will “unfriend” you. It may hurt before it gets better. But the breadcrumbs have been thrown. And the birds that survived the winter will come nibbling.

5) You’re going to resist it before doing it.

Yep.  You’re not going to want to forge ahead. The quicksand feels mighty warm and safe after a bout of kicking. You’ll feel the weight of the universe on your shoulders. You will fear hell and damnation. You’ll see the snow capped mountain peaks and cower. You’ll see the speck that is YOU in the world and balk. The door will look like a barricade.  And then you’ll barge right through it because you know it’s up to you. Because quicksand doesn’t feel that good when it’s going up your nose.

6) You can’t help yourself.

No matter how much you try to resist it, you know you’ve got to do it. The truth as you know it must be shared. Because no matter how hard you try to avoid it by fitting in, you are an original. No one can duplicate what you do. There’s no imitation of you. Whatever you put out there is a magnificent thumbprint that can only be you.

Know it. Live it. Love it. And own it.

Because the only one you’ll have to answer to if you don’t is your Self.  And we’ve already determined that she’s a beeyatch.


[Top photo courtesy of Kayak Online Marketing]

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