happy child waking up with alarm clockWe can celebrate each moment when we gain awareness of the words that we choose to say to ourselves.

Celebrate Waking Up

This morning, when you woke up, did you thank your body for a good night’s sleep? Did you send it gratitude for refreshing and rejuvenating itself while your dreams took you to far away places?

Or did you wake up pounding the alarm clock, wishing for a few more minutes, and reluctant to start the day? What words travel through your system then? How do they affect your day?

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Celebrate Your Unique Beauty

Do you look in the mirror and see all the wrinkles, gray hairs, and blemishes that appear? Do you notice every imperfection and start feeling “icky”?

Or do you smile at yourself and say: “Hello again! I send love to myself today and every day”?

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Celebrate Your Body

As you are getting dressed and tightening the belt around your waist, are you berating yourself for going up another notch and for the skin that’s bulging over the side ever so slightly?

Or are you feeling grateful that your body carries you all day long and can get you to wherever you need to go and back home again safely?

I Love You Cereal

Celebrate Your Food

When you’re about to bite a piece of chocolate cake that looks so delicious, do you chastise yourself for desiring something so fattening and unhealthy for your body? Do you imagine how much you will be regretting this indulgence later?

Or do you bless your food and ask that it gives you energy and vitality for the rest of the day regardless of the type of food that it is?

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Celebrate Your Choices

Do you spend time blaming other people for your misery? Are you always seeking someone to take responsibility for your unhappiness, your lost parking spot, your lateness to the meeting on account of traffic? Is it always someone else’s fault?

Or do you accept the way events unfold and trust that all is going according to plan? Do you empower yourself by owning your actions and choices, or do you give away your personal power when you don’t?

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Celebrate Your Age

Do you hide your age from people because you’re embarrassed to reveal how old you are? Are you afraid to grow older?

Or do you wear your age proudly and feel grateful for reaching each stage in your life? Isn’t that something to applaud? Age is merely a number that reveals nothing about who you are and how you feel. Your age may inspire someone else to embark on a new career or interest later in life. Why feel ashamed about that?

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Celebrate Your Family

Do you spend family time criticizing, chastising, berating or feeling humiliated over their behavior? Do you live vicariously through your children?

Or do you witness their behavior as separate from you and allow them the space to work through their own issues? Do you gaze at your children with awe and wonder at their development and offer support only when necessary?

Flipping coin

Imagine how different the world would look if we could flip the coin over and see the other side. What words are you choosing in this self-defining moment?

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