Kelly Winterhalter, founder of Ellovi, explains why she’s head over heels over Marula Oil. In fact, it’s one of six ingredients in her velvety body butter and lip balm.

What are the skin-loving benefits of Marula oil?

The Marula tree is considered sacred for good reason. The oils from the fruit it bears have been used for centuries to deeply hydrate and nourish skin. Marula oil is highly concentrated with powerful antioxidants, minerals, and essential fatty acids that protect against environmental toxins. Each fruit contains four times the Vitamin C of an orange.

What products include this ingredient?

Marula oil is an essential and substantial part of both Ellovi Butter and Ellovi Lip Butter.

What results can you expect to see?

Marula oil is known for improving skin’s elasticity, which equates to tighter skin that won’t stretch out easily. It has also been known to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Marula oil also has natural anti-microbial properties which help heal scars and blemishes left by acne. It’s also great for soothing skin irritations, reducing redness, and intense hydration.

The benefits are more than skin deep. Our Marula oil comes from an environmentally conscious village collective in Africa that creates life changing opportunities for women.

What customers are saying about it…

“It’s my newest ‘thing I’d have to have if I was stranded on a island’ product! Love xx”

-Crazy Raw Vegan

“Oh this lip butter. I could go on and on. It’s a simple concoction of coconut, shea, marula, sunflower, hemp, and macadamia, but man, does it impress. It leaves my lips satiny smooth and that magical feeling actually LASTS!”

-Seed to Serum

“Love this stuff and the lip balm is the best I have ever used! Love it! Placing another order today. Thanks Ellovi!”

-Kathy P

Name one product that you can’t live without. (Just for fun, cuz we all want to know!)

I’m obsessed with raw chocolate. Lulu’s makes a few exceptionally divine bars and truffles.

My Edible Facial Take on Ellovi

When a product line consisting of only two products is suddenly everywhere you look, it’s time to sit up and take notice. I can honestly say that I lovey Ellovi. [Oh dear. That was bad but sooo true!]  It starts with the packaging which I find so sleek. The Butter jar is made of double-insulated frosted glass. If you’re creative, you can reuse it for all sorts of things.


Courtesy of Ellovi Facebook page

While the packaging invites you to experience these products [hello, pink logo love!], the contents count the most.

When I said velvety in the first paragraph of this post—I meant it! You haven’t felt anything else like Butter, Ellovi’s breakthrough first product. And believe me, I’ve tried a lot. This balm goes on like a buttery spread, then melts right in, leaving a slightly powdery, silken layer. My skin feels like it slipped on a protective glove. This all-season glove wears well and doesn’t feel greasy at all. Just…heavenly! There is a slight, very subtle nutty scent from the rich oils that fades quickly. Plus there is no water to dilute the potency of the ingredients or necessitate added preservatives.

I’d say this is an extremely versatile product and can be used all over—not only as a moisturizer, but also to help reduce the appearance and irritation of cuts, burns, scars, and eczema.

Courtesy of amazon

Courtesy of amazon.com

Butter, $26

ingredients: Macadamia seed oil, coconut oil, hemp seed oil, organic corn starch, and shea butter

The Lip Butter is another extreme indulgence. Kelly doesn’t mince ingredients, nor does she compromise on the quality of texture either. I’d say it’s hard to make a lip balm stand out, but this one certainly does! Again, it offers that velvet glove feel along with power healing. Take this lip lover everywhere. Your lips will thank you.

ellovi-lip-butterLip Butter, $5

ingredients: Hawaiian coconut, sunflower, hemp, macadamia, Ghanaian marula, and shea.

Here are the helpful descriptions of each ingredient on the Ellovi website:

  • Macadamia Nut

Full of youthening fatty acids that are naturally present in young skin

  • Coconut

Provides proteins, amino acids, and vitamins that revitalize skin

  • Marula

Used in Africa for thousands of years as an anti-aging regimen

  • Hemp Seed

Loaded with antioxidants that cleanse skin of environmental toxins

  • Shea

Considered sacred by ancient African natives for its natural healing powers

You can find Ellovi on the website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Thank you, Kelly, for the awesome information for The Savvy Naturalista!

Top photo courtesy of Ellovi’s Facebook page.

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