Joy of Freedom by Freydoon Rassouli

Joy of Freedom by Freydoon Rassouli

I am Jewish. I even practice the Orthodox Jewish faith. Does this make a difference?

I feel like I’ve gotten to know many of my wonderful readers through social media channels and this has not come up. Part of me felt like I was hiding something important about myself and it felt sort of…dishonest.

Yet another stronger part of me felt like it didn’t matter at all. But does it?

I could not help asking myself this question, in particular around Christmas time or New Year’s, when everyone else extended their wishes to me but I was not really celebrating anything. In fact, Chanukah came and went like a snow flurry somewhere around Thanksgiving time.

It was nice seeing everyone so excited and immersed in the holiday. Yet at the same time, I never felt like a minority quite like I did then.

And it made me start thinking about—you know—stuff.  Like tribal unity and community.

Because after I had my spiritual ‘awakening’ that I wrote about here, none of the religious separation existed at all.  Actually, I’ve read accounts by people who sensed the unity of all beings—with all humanity being aspects of the one self.

Any religious notions, beliefs, and separation that I once held deflated like balloons leaking air. Unstoppable. Inevitable. Empty.

Truth has a way of seeping out of the soul and dispelling delusion.

Rather than sensing differences among people, races, and religions, I felt like I KNEW everyone who came into my field as reflecting part of me back. It was wonderful! And unifying. It was full of love. Many times I felt like my heart was overflowing with endless, magical, spectacular love.

It was as real as anything I have ever known. The energy that pulsed out of me and around me at that time was immense, magnanimous, unconditional, and overwhelming.

I floated aloft somewhere between the heavens and earth. Hovering among celestial revelations. My heart opened and eclipsed all that I thought I knew about the world.

Instead, I saw all religious differences as imagined—conjured up by a false perception of reality. When studied closely, the basic tenets of all the faiths uncannily resembled each other. It was only the outer form—the shell—that differed and kept them from mixing.

The only dilemma—if you could call it that—was how would I fit my former life into a bunch of airless balloons?  And would I have to?

Because what started happening was that instead of me trying to fit into a former life, the life began to transform to fit me.

And here’s the clincher that intrigues me most…Out of the many people whom I started connecting with, often the ones I bonded with more closely ended up being Jewish.  It’s not like I was seeking anyone out.  The Tribe was calling to me.  Was this a coincidence?

Nothing happens by chance.  In an intricately interwoven network, the cogs and springs must work synergistically at all times.

So…you tell me.  Does Faith really matter in a world of unplugged balloons?

I wish I had the answer.

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