'Mother Earth' on Novica

‘Mother Earth’ by Marco Donayre on Novica

Genesis—a beginning or origin of anything; the coming into being of something*

The question that has been boggling my mind is where to begin.

I can only imagine God having this inner dialogue before committing the Bible to parchment: “Well, if I start here, people will wonder what happened before the flood.” Or: “Can I really pull it off with something so obvious as ‘In the beginning’?”

Do you catch my drift?

While I am nowhere near to writing anything as epic as the Bible, sharing something deeply personal is, in its own way, an epic commitment. Being of relatively sound mind (as in: who isn’t totally off their rocker these days anyway?), the timing is right to tell you about the event that changed everything for me.

By everything, I mean: turned my world upside down and right side up and sent me hurling into a vast expanse of heart-knowing, curiosity, and ultimately love, then into seismic questioning of my belief system and all the things I thought I knew. Are you still with me or have I lost you?

Since the Bible begins with a Big Bang, here’s mine.


Lovely Blue Universe by Elise Mahan on Etsy

In the beginning, my insides were in a complete turmoil and there was darkness filled with agonizing grief, pain, guilt, and negative self-talk. What a black and murky world! The trouble was that there was no end in sight. No light showing the way. And no vision unfolding to get me out of the void.

Waiting on the World by InariVado/Etsy

Waiting on the World by InariVado/Etsy

This was seven years ago. The darkness consumed me for many months. It felt like forever.

Somewhere in that void, I must have known there could be something greater than all this. I asked for the Light…and found it. Or maybe It found me. I had no idea what I was about to experience. But when I did, there was no turning back.

There was only one problem. The event that happened was nearly impossible to describe.

So I will show you in pictures what it was like.


I felt the hugeness and vastness of who we really are in every fiber of my body. And just how magnificent.


Cosmic Love by Keziah Jeanne on Etsy

I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt how much love the Universe holds for us. And that love is already inside us. Sometimes hidden. Always waiting for us.


Travelers on a cosmic journey by KeyholePhotography/Etsy

I discovered a huge discrepancy between what we “see” with our eyes and what actually is.  My long-held beliefs nullified in the revelation.

Cosmic Space by Jennizart/Etsy

Cosmic Space by Jennizart/Etsy

In all the love that erupted in that moment, there was no room at all for anything else. Any imagined “sin” vanished. It did not exist. Period.

Joy Vibrations by Kiernan Antares

Joy Vibrations by Freydoon Rassouli

I sensed that our minds can not grasp the full magnificence of our Being. Our hearts would explode if we tried to. Our bodies could not contain it.

For someone who could so easily beat herself up over the slightest misstep, it was the first time that I knew in my heart how beautiful I really am.  Tears streamed down my cheeks as I witnessed my own glory. And I understood that everyone carries the same glory within them.

Rebirth by Kiernan Antares

Rebirth by Kiernan Antares

For me, this moment delivered a rebirth of my own soul. The true spirit inside me awakened. Veils fell that hid these truths from me.

The experience was undeniable and real. And it changed my life.

Thank you, Ajnira Laurie Bloom for making it possible and for bringing Soul Technology into this earthly realm.

We all have a story. I believe we can learn from each of our stories. I have started to tell mine. I hope that you will share yours.

And this is just the beginning…

With gratitude to all the glorious paintings that illustrated my experience.

About the first painting: “Earth Mama” by artist Marco Donayre from Novica:

“She represents the feminine side of nature in a meditation ritual. She is connecting with the sky and the earth in peace and harmony, with profound respect to Pachamama, or Mother earth in Quechua,” says Marco Donayre as he describes his painting. “Blue hues symbolize strength and will, while the stylized moon represents mystical silence.” Titled “Pachamama” in Quechua

About the fifth painting: “Theologue” by Alex Gray:

“The Union of Human and Divine Consciousness Weaving the Fabric of Space and Time In Which the Self and Its Surroundings Are Embedded

“During deep meditation, I entered a state where all energy systems in my body were completely aligned and flowing.  It was in this state that I envisioned Theologue.  I was wearing a Mindfold which allowed me to stare into total darkness.  I stared into an infinite regress of electric perspective grids that radiated from my brain/mind and led to the horizon.  A mystic fire engulfed me.  Across the horizon all I could see were perspective lines going into deep space.  I was seeing both the perceptual grid of my mind on which space and time are woven, and the universal mind which was both the source and the weaving loom. At this moment, faintly, Himalayan mountains appeared.  Transparent, but present, they formed a vast and beautiful panorama and then disappeared back into the grid.”

About the last painting: “Rebirth” by Kiernan Antares:

~ Rebirth by Kiernan Antares~

From within the darkness

Births new life

Heart and dreams

Refreshed anew

Celebrate on high and

Rejoice in triumph

Of the mind!

The Web of Creation

Welcomes you

To a world of plenty

Weaving love and joy

Far and wide

That is You!

*Dictionary definition found here


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