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The super cool and spirited Kat Davis of Wild Honey Apothecary offers a heaping spoonful of honey in her products and tells us why you’d want to take it—inside and out. Thanks so much, Kat. You rock!

What are the skin-loving benefits of Honey?

Oh, so many. Especially if using raw honey. Tons of minerals and vitamins such as B6 and C. It is a natural anti-oxidant, repairing and protecting against free radical damage. It is also a natural humectant, making it super moisturizing, it actually holds in moisture. Also, it acts as a mild alpha-hydroxy acid—thanks to some of its natural sugar acids. It is just fantastic for your skin.

I use raw honey, meaning the goodness hasn’t been heated out of it the way conventional honey has. It has all of its active nutrients, minerals and vitamins intact and is ready to love your skin to the moon and back! Manuka honey is a honey that is specific to New Zealand where the bees feed on the Manuka trees. Most Manuka honey has higher levels of anti-bacterial properties due to this and it is wonderful for medicinal purposes (illness, etc). It is also great for wounds and sores, because of its healing properties. I choose to use local Wisconsin raw honey because I am in Wisconsin, and raw honey in general is aaaamazing for skin care. If someone really needs a high anti-bacterial strain of honey, Manuka in some cases may have higher levels of anti-bacterial properties. I may add a product in the future using Manuka.

Wildly Natural Collage

What product(s) include honey?

Our (getting to be famous) Honey Love Face Scrub, our Honey Muds [Pumpkin-Cocoa Honey Mud or Sandalwood Buttermilk Honey Mud, anyone? YES!] and even some of our serums and oils have at least a drop.

The Honey Muds masks and the Honey Love Face scrub are similar in benefits. The smooth muds are applied to face and neck and let to rest as a treatment, no massaging needed. The Honey Love Face scrub has pure fine cane sugar in it, for a gentle exfoliation. The scrub is lightly massaged into skin in a light circular motion to slough away dry flaky skin and reveal the fresh glowing skin underneath. Both yield a glowing soft complexion thank to the oils and honey drenching in the moisture to your beautiful face, however the scrub is a once a week extra treat to really get some good exfoliation.

What results can you expect to see?

A dewy, glowing complexion and softness. They work so well because they have very good skin loving ingredients—no fillers, no water. Some skin care has a little of a lot of different ingredients. I concentrate on a few really good ingredients with enough of each to really have a result. Sometimes people can see a list of ingredients and think WOW that has a lot of good ingredients, and it might, but it might not have enough of each ingredient to get the real benefit.

What customers are saying about it?

Actual recent reviews:

—Really love this. I should have the bigger bottle! It feels so nice, smells so good and again packaging is very nice. A little goes a long way.

—Superior product!!! Leaves face super smooth.

—This is my second order of this wonderful Honey Scrub. It is so honey-licious and beautifully natural that it feels like you are doing something really good for your skin when you use it. It leaves my face soft, smooth and dewy!

—I am obsessed!

I hear all the time from my customers that they see real results and they are so thankful. It is the best part of what I do, hearing that people love using it and they actually see the results. The honey is a huge star, great with scar healing, as well as certain essential oils I use. We are still so new, but I am proud to say we have about a 90% in repeat customers! I love my customers, I really, really do, they allow me to create and play with nature for a living and we have a wonderful, loving relationship (shout out to my lovelies).

Name one product you can’t live without:

Not really skin care but I am totally howling at the moon over Drann, botanical perfume by Arabesque Aromas.

Edible Facial’s Take: (Here I am in third person again. Somebody STOP me!)

“I’ll have what she’s having!” Honey it is! I’ve been loving honey on my face all year—just ask my frightened family and happy bees gathering outside my home.

My initiation into Wild Honey Apothecary happened with a bespoke mask that’s absolutely fabulous. Kat created a blend with organic or wild-harvested ingredients: biodynamic honey, jojoba, aloe, rosehip, burdock root, acerola, cherry, labdanum, calendula, and lavender.

How awesome is that?! That’s not all. In addition, I can’t get enough of the honey muds. The Buttermilk Sandalwood Honey mud contains: bio dynamic honey, organic grape seed oil, organic buttermilk, organic, organic aloe vera, organic sandalwood and pure argan oil. Does that list make you salivate? For anyone afraid to take their kitchen jar of honey and apply to their face, grab one of these and start massaging it in. Your skin will thank you.

When I use honey on my face, I notice scars fading and a definite overall healing of the skin (scabs basically melt right off in less time). Skin feels softer and smoother too. I’m totally hooked on My Honey!

If ALL of the above is not enough, the menu on Wild Honey Apothecary keeps changing! Recently, Kat added the Sweet Cream Alpha Hydroxy Cleanser, a lovely gift idea with a trio of natural oils, and a few other must-haves, that will make you want to check the site often. Kat is helpful and knowledgeable in creating formulations that are just right for your skin issues too. Plus you get the personal touch that only a small business can give you. I definitely have a thing about supporting indie companies that have all the good stuff goin’ on!

You can find Wild Honey Apothecary on the website, Twitter, and Etsy shop.

Have a sweet and delicious week!

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