Once again, I’m launching a new category on Edible Facial called Eco-Steps. For a blog largely focused on green topics, it’s time to relate some eco-friendly changes that I’m implementing in my own life.

Aside from sharing my own changes, I’d like to turn this into a guest blog spot for anyone who wishes to write about ONE ECO STEP that they’re taking to go greener right now. I don’t care how big or how small it seems. It all adds up in the sum total of things. So please leave a comment below that you’re interested in inspiring others with a change you’ve made that’s working for you.

Here is ONE SIMPLE WAY that I’ve gone greener this month: Phasing out disposable water bottles and using sturdy reusable ones.


Bottles pollute our environment in more ways than one. It’s true that now we’ve got recycling programs, but that problem doesn’t even scratch the surface.

  • Manufacturing the bottles uses up precious resources.
  • The plastic bottles, while BPA-free, have been shown to leach other nasty chemicals into the water in recent studies.
  • Bottled water is not any cleaner than tap water most of the time, so it’s not even pure or cost-effective.
  • Bottled water is actually acidic! I’ve tested it and found that even some of the expensive ones are not great for us.

I still resort to disposable bottles for the kids as they go to school, mainly because I’ve sent them with super cute, eco-friendly versions that got lost in the Bermuda Triangle. At least, that’s what they told me. HA! Clever little sailors.

However, after watching the trailer for Tapped and this eight minute tell-all, that was all I needed to be convinced. Not to mention all the info I learned about the water inside them.

With SO many cute bottle options, I don’t miss plastic one bit!

Check these out!


Love Bottles

Love bottles come with messages to channel Masaru Emoto’s work on water. He discovered that words said over water actually change the configuration of the water crystals. If you’re not familiar with his ground-breaking discoveries, watch this video.

lif-007-heroMighty Nest has an amazing selection of stainless steel or glass water bottles, like these from Life Factory. Some have straws while others don’t, so you have loads of options to make drinking your daily dose easier. Shop today (12/2/13) with code “Mighty20” to take $20 off any order of $100 or more. (Ends tonight at midnight.)

A-MASON SET-1Simply Straws sells this awesome set. It holds 2 cups of water and is so great looking. I love that the straws are reusable too and not made of plastic that gets kinda gross over time.

I’d love to hear your eco-steps in the comments!

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