A trend can be defined in several ways according to the Thesaurus:

  1. Style, Fashion that is in favor. Synonyms: craze, cry, fad, furor, in-thing, latest thing, look, mode, newest wrinkle, rage, thing, vogue
  2. Flow, Current. Synonyms: aim, bearing, bent, bias, course, direction, drift, inclination, leaning, movement, orientation, progression, run, swing, tendency, tenor, wind

If you ask me, according to the first definition, the answer is no, Green Beauty is NOT a trend. And we don’t want it to become the latest “fad” or the “in” thing to do—no matter how en vogue it is to douse coconut oil all over ourselves.

More and more beauty bloggers are entering the realm of healthier cosmetics and skin care. Even some dedicated conventional beauty bloggers are beginning to renounce the “dark side” completely.

On the surface, a website may focus exclusively on green beauty reviews, but it is doing so much more. It is sowing the seeds of change.

To me, the essence of green beauty is about waking up our awareness. It is about no longer believing everything we’re told to believe. It is an opening in the fabric of the system that awakens consciousness. It tugs on us to question the way media and society present things to us.

What is happening is that the balance is shifting. The stronger the green voices become, the greater the impact on the rest of the world, on the environment, on fair trade practices, on ecology, and on our discernment.

Once the questions begin, it spreads to other areas of life. We wonder about our health, for one, and what we have been fed to believe by conventional Western medical principles.  In fact, we collide with many belief systems as we navigate these new thought waves.

For this burgeoning movement to be pigeonholed as a “trend” would not be doing it justice.

Actually this segues right into the second definition of trend which is “flow, current, movement.” Indeed natural and greener beauty practices enhance flow—a state of pure consciousness and awareness—largely due to the elimination of toxicity from our surroundings.

The book Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi investigates “flow”  or optimal experience—in other words, a state of consciousness that makes an experience genuinely satisfying. Being in flow is a singularly productive and desirable state. In my opinion, it is our innate state of being—otherwise known as our natural selves.

As the green beauty movement leads the way to a cleaner, more wholesome lifestyle, we get back in touch with our true, inherent nature.  We align with the current of our own consciousness. Doesn’t that extend far beyond the way we think of a trend? Or is it a trend by definition?

Maybe it is actually both.

As I finished writing this post, my friend and highly intuitive wellness coach, Dvora Krevat, wrote to me about a healer in California who just said to her:

“If we follow the laws of nature, we can never go wrong. If we stay true to our own laws of nature, we can attain all that we are meant to be.” How fitting for this post and for life!

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