Bite Lipsticks

Bite Beauty Lipsticks

I used to think I couldn’t wear bold lipstick.

At least I thought I couldn’t—until I worked with Lora Alexander, makeup artist, image consultant, and founder of Pretty Your World (PYW).  She helped me figure out that I’m a “Soft Autumn”—after thinking I was a “Summer” for so long!—just from looking at my pictures on line.

Since bold red lipstick is a perennial classic and has been quite visible on runways, I figured it would be fun to match some shades with their seasons.

The Four Season Theory

Seasons, you ask? Color theorists divide colors into four seasons: Spring, Winter, Summer, and Autumn. Subdivisions by hue, shade, purity, and tone further distinguish the color palettes into 12 or 16 categories, but for now we’ll stick with the four season version.  Here is a chart courtesy of the PYW website:


Essentially, color theory maintains that you can wear any color you choose, but you will look your BEST when you wear colors that harmonize with your natural coloring. THE color theory Bible, “Color Me Beautiful” gives details about the different color schemes, if you choose to delve further.

How Lora Picked the Lip Colors

I sent Lora a number of my favorite natural lipstick brands (Ilia Beauty, Jane Iredale, Red Apple Lipstick, and Bite Beauty) and asked her to match up the perfect ones for every pout. She ended up picking colors from Red Apple Lipstick, $23.99, and Bite Beauty, $24, because of their great selection of shades. Both lines are formulated without the usual nasties ( a full listing of  ingredients can be found on their websites).

I also like the wear and the feel—hydrating and silky. Red Apple lipsticks come with ridges on the tube for easy gripping—you know, for when you get into a scuffle in the ladies room, I guess!


Spring coloring tends to have warm undertones with clear or light coloring


Red Apple Coral Crush, a pinkish-orange with satin finish, or Bite Beauty CIN CIN, a tropical coral.


 Winter palettes have cool undertones with deep or clear characteristics.

WINTER LIP COLORSRed Apple Lipstick in Red 101, a blue based red, or Bite Beauty in Pomegranate, a cherry red.

Autumn skin tone is warm with deep or soft characteristics.

Red Apple Lipstick in Strawberry Lips*,  a sheer brown-kissed red, or Bite Beauty in Apricot, a warm red.

 Summer ‘s dominant coloring is cool, light, or soft.

SUMMER LIP COLORSBite Beauty Lipsticks in Zin, a muted berry, and Shiraz*, a soft plum, or Red Apple Lipstick in Hibiskiss*, a deep, berry pink with a hint of red.

Want to try out a bold lip color?

One option is this awesome lip palette*, $44.99, with nine colors that you can layer in different ways and three lipstick preps that keep lips smooth and conditioned. Another choice would be these double-ended mini colors, $68 which I think are so cute and hard to find in stores. I missed the last set of minis that were sold at Sephora (and now on Amazon), so I’m eager to nab these.

Lora Alexander is available to consult privately and help you determine your ideal palette. It really makes a difference! I truly enjoy working with her and learn a lot from her color expertise. We also collaborated on several articles for the Epoch Times listed below in related articles. She can be reached through Pretty Your World.

  • Bite Beauty photos courtesy of Sephora and
  • Red Apple Lipstick photos courtesy of Red Apple Lipstick
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