LEAF GIRL loooby:PHOTOS.COMSometimes when converting to a greener lifestyle and holistic wellness, a common question arises: What happens if I’m not feeling a difference? How do I know these changes are working for me?

In my experience of going to energy healers, most of their work can’t be seen—and sometimes I don’t even see the healer because we work remotely. It’s often about sensing a very subtle shift—if any—and sometimes not even that.

At times, the same applies to chiropractors, acupuncturists, herbalists, and other healing modalities. I have come to learn that just because I can’t feel it, doesn’t mean that the treatment isn’t working.

Similarly, when trying new skin care products that are cleaner and greener, you want to know that you’re giving up the high-end face cream with the secret ingredients for good reason.

In today’s world, we are oriented to expect immediate results. Society often takes a quick-fix approach to resolving illness and other challenges.  You can see this expectation in so many areas that when you don’t have the same experience, you assume something must be wrong with you!

Advertising leads us to believe that we can achieve instant hair growth. Aspirin relieves a headache within minutes. Self-help gurus want us to believe we can change our lives by following their easy guidelines. Overnight success stories abound.

If you don’t see a dramatic difference right away, how do you know if making this transition is worth your while and your wallet?

Here are seven ways to find out.

Recovery & Healing Take Time

I’ve discussed healing with natural practitioners. Across the board, each one has said that if you suffered from an illness for a few years, it takes at least as long to fully recover from it. Ask the practitioner to give you an approximate time period for you to anticipate seeing improvement.

Remember, emotional, mental, and physical transformations require peeling the onion one layer at a time until you get to the core. You can’t rush the process.

In fact, true healing is not the achievement at the end, it happens on the way there.

Cumulative Impact

When embarking on a cleaner lifestyle, the effects are cumulative. Overnight successes may happen with “band-aid” treatments, but most of the time they don’t last because they’re not addressing the root of the problem that brought on the issue.

If someone is losing their hair at a young age, why mask the problem with an instant hair growth product? Why suppress a headache with a pill? Go to the source behind the symptom and begin healing from there.

First the toxic substances and emotions that ail the system must be brought to the surface to purge. Sometimes, it can get a bit uncomfortable. Things may look worse right before getting better.

Stay the Course

The key is to stick with the program. Don’t run back to the white flour, parabens, and chemicals you left behind. Give time some time to work its healing magic. It usually kicks in just when you think you can’t handle it anymore. It’s the breakdown before the breakthrough that seems to be a necessary component of our evolution.

Be Present

Become a silent observer of subtle nuances. You might detect a feeling of lightness where once you felt tight or strained.

Observe the small glimpses of transformation. Even if they are not huge, at least it means that things are moving.

Notice Seemingly Unrelated Events

You may be treating a stomach ache and not seeing a difference at first, but something else clears up in your life—a relative calls up to apologize for a past disagreement, or you stop caring about it as much. Eventually, this shift begins to clear up the stomach issues too.

Frequently, we make changes in one area—like cleaning out a cluttered closet and donating the used belongings—and suddenly something that appears totally disconnected happens. Perhaps a new job crops up or a new relationship. It is because you have made room for it. Energetically you show readiness to receive by taking actionable steps and eliminating blockages.

Make Adjustments

Sometimes a treatment or a product is really not working. Allot a period of time to determine whether or not you see improvements. For skin care, four weeks should be enough time to test a product. Of course, if you have an allergic reaction, discontinue use right away.

No product should cause irritation, itchiness, rashes, or extreme breakouts. However, some products help exfoliate the surface of the skin and will cause some redness and tingling as they work. That is a normal reaction. Afterwards, skin will reveal a smoother and clearer complexion.

For health, it depends on the type of treatment and illness. Find practitioners you trust who take time to answer your questions and support your health and well-being. If you don’t trust your caregiver, it will impede your progress. Find someone else with a solid reputation.

Recovery Leads to Rediscovery

It is fine to modify the method of treatment, tweak the skin products, and reevaluate how you feel. A period of discovering your personal needs is perfectly acceptable and desirable.

There is no “one size fits all” approach to recovery. When altering your lifestyle, it is the perfect time for rediscovery—of your self and what works for you. You are constantly evolving, so too your regimen will flow with you and nurture you along the way.

When you detox your life, you are creating space in your being and in your surroundings for a brighter and healthier future. Even if you can’t see the changes immediately, isn’t the gain worth the wait?

Photo Credit: loooby/Photos.com

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