If in 25 years, you will look back and find…

That the furniture you were afraid of ruining was not worth the fun everyone could have had jumping and playing on it…jumping on furniture. ehow.com…then stop caring now.

That the wrinkles you were worried about getting would happen anyway and that they would be called Laugh Lines

smiling faces thepunch.com.au…then start smiling now.

That the dishes you’re washing, the clothing you’re laundering, and the rooms you’re cleaning would get dirty again tomorrow…

kids on back randomhousekids.com…then play with your family and friends now.

That the gray hair you plucked would not cause you to grow ten more gray hairs, but worrying about going gray does…

gray hair spryliving.com…then stop worrying now.

That all the problems you carried home with you from work are totally forgotten when you’re simply happy to be alive…

aqua marble vintage 1950s samsonite suitcase carohope store etsy.com…then set your bags down now.

That the fabulous car, designer clothing, and latest fad you had to possess, lost their novelty after you got them, wore them, and used them…

planting a tree it.123rf.com…then make room for the things that matter now.

That the love of your life that you thought got away was just a learning experience and a road paved to someone better…

Wedding Lindsay Jernegan Etsy.com…then love again now.

That the people who anger you, annoy you, and push your buttons the most are the ones who will stand by you in the end…

Hands holding kesq.com…then ask for their forgiveness now.

That the time you spent rushing to get somewhere important could have been used to breathe in the experience around you…

elderly couple sitting healthworkscollective.com…then be still and breathe now.

If it is not going to be important in 25 years, why wait?

standing-still jodiefisher.wordpress.com

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