covering face is it like posting naked photos on the internet?

NO—You Scoundrel!—not fully naked, just fresh-faced, no makeup naked!

Us green beauties are all about natural and organic yet rarely—if ever—do we post photos of ourselves sans makeup, even the non-toxic kind, to reveal our natural, beautiful selves.

One exception who comes to mind is the über-brave Kimberly Wallace who has gone bare-faced several times, here & here, all in the name of authentic product reviews (that’s why we love her!). I’ve linked her full posts below. They’re AWESOME!

So when a bunch of us got together on Twitter, we decided to have a BARE ALL celebration!  Cheers to all the beauties involved in the unofficial Chat:

Now you know why this convo was so much fun! It started with just an idea to take pictures of ourselves without makeup. Then Sarah called our bluff and exposed first. She looks fabulous at 40! Nary a wrinkle in sight (must be her loyalty to a certain brand – oh I don’t know—coughs—Osmia Organics, maybe?)

Then I scrambled to get my camera and posted soon after. Cindy followed and “What a Blond Stunner!” Then came Sweetest Fusion’s Centerfold—full frontal face and hubba, hubba! She looks GOOD!

I decided to let the ladies decide whether or not to post their nude closeups. But I will show mine!

So here’s my bare all photo (above the neck, of course):

Photo on 2013-08-28 at 13.16 #2That’s no makeup, no filter, no hair dye or fake highlights, clearly no special lighting, pre-shower, chocolate-induced flaming zit on my chin, and totally spontaneous (though I did have to change out of my pj’s). I shot this one day before my 43rd birthday.

I must admit, I trashed several photos because I couldn’t stand looking as though I were staring at a round Christmas ornament (you know the look with the disproportionately big nose, right?) I did have to fluff my hair a bit, ditch my iPod Touch camera for my computer camera, and try several different positions.

Then there’s the vulnerability factor to consider. When you suddenly can’t hide behind even a dab of coverup, there’s something really…NAKED…about that! Yet at the same time, it also felt mighty TRUE and AUTHENTIC.

Without the mask of makeup to hide behind, I felt like me.

Yet none of the pictures looked quite right.

Then, without doing anything differently, I’ll tell you honestly what changed my photo—at the risk of getting a few eye rolls. It was the thought that I was thinking while I was taking it. I realized that every photo that I like of myself has been taken with one or more of my children in it. That’s because when I’m with them, I fill up with love (kitchy but true). And love feels beautiful.

That’s when I decided I was going to smile like I loved the whole world. I was going to send love to everyone AND most importantly, send love to myself in celebration of my own beauty. It has taken me years to recognize it and look past the “flaws.”

And that’s why you see that geeky smile. It’s because love is authentic and real. And when we love, the whole world shines with us.

Remember to be Green and Gorgeous and always SMILE like the whole world loves you! It does.

And now I am starting my own TAG here. I TAG all the lovely ladies above to share their “Naked Experience” on the web. It is time to show people that makeup is nice, but the natural you is MAGNIFICENT!

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