we just got hitched jollyedition etsy.comMarriage is an adventure—particularly when you’re married to a green beauty blogger.

Here’s why.

Husband (as he is fondly known on this blog) never knows what he will come home to each day. Sometimes it’s honey and cinnamon dripping from my face. At other times, there’s a mad scientific experiment going on—all over me— with avocado, banana, and coconut oil smeared on my hair and face and an unfortunate accidental trail behind me. (I swear I cleaned it all up!)

There’s no telling what the latest and greatest concoction will produce or how ungodly an appearance I will make at the door. I realize this is the antithesis of “sexy” in every way humanly possible.

the Gorilla House Proposal Wedding PortraitYet he always makes me feel like the most beautiful woman alive.

On any given day there could be at least two or more large gadgets overtaking the kitchen: the blender, the juicer, the mixer, the flax-seed (a.k.a. coffee bean) grinder, et al.

These establish the mood music, over the din of rollerblading children, as well as blend, mix, grind, and pulverize the mystery nourishment of the day.

This great elixir of life (in layman’s terms: the smoothie) is a drink to be treated with deference. (After all, do you know what it takes to lug those $#%^& heavy machines out of storage and wash those %&*@&*# vegetables and fruits?)

He will never know how much green stuff and love goes in there. I ALWAYS make him look the other way—and quite frankly, he really doesn’t want to know! Sipping one of these potions is a privilege. Not finishing it—just short of sacrilege.

Though his diet formerly consisted of milk chocolate Cadbury bars for as many meals as he could muster…

Custom Thank You Cards and Portrait…he still manages to thank me every time for making him something healthy to start his day.

Then of course there’s the usurping of “our” bathroom…and nightstand…and dresser…and closets, scattered with “sample” masks, unguents, remedies, oils, things plainly belonging in the kitchen that slink their way out of their cabinets—albeit organic, natural, and high quality products—but still…Every day he quietly, unfailingly uses the guest bathroom downstairs and has yet to complain about the rest.

Sometimes the nights of publishing a post must be like living with Beethoven composing a symphony at the piano—I hear nothing beyond my rhythmic typing and stream of consciousness as the letters spontaneously erupt on the screen, regardless of how many kids are shouting across the room or doing flips onto our mattresses.

Life harmonizes to our very own melodious composition.

brazilian ballet jollyedition etsy.comNo one said it would be a waltz. But it sure is a multicolored vibrant tango full of unexpected twists, turns, and dips. He always makes sure to tell me I’m the only dance partner he’d ever want.

Sometimes it’s a ride built for two or three or more depending on how many kids want to join. Even though he can zip over the hills of Lake Tahoe for a 100 km bike race for charity without training…

Modern, Mint Bike, Vintage inspired Jolly Edition

…he still makes me feel like our family bike outings are the best rides of his life.

Thanks, Husband, for taking me as I am—blueberry-streaked face and all! It may not be the perfect romance you imagined it would be, but it’s clear we wouldn’t have it any other way.

family portrait jollyedition etsy.comFor those of you shouting: “GET A ROOM!” Don’t worry. We already share one for 14 years and counting. Thanks for your concern.

Sometimes, it feels like it was just yesterday.

wedding invitation Jolly Edition etsy.com

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