As one of the most beautiful flowers, roses offer some outstanding, beautifying properties. Specifically, roses can defend the skin against aging, balance redness, and lend an overall feeling of equanimity.

“[Rose oil] is known to bring happiness, harmony, opportunity, comfort, and patience to those who wear it,” says the website for Fresca Natural, which uses it as a therapeutic ingredient in its line.

Roses symbolize love, so it is not surprising that rose oil carries the highest vibration of all the oil extracts.

What does this mean? Everything alive emits a unique bio-energetic substance that can be measured as vibrational frequencies called Herz (Hz). SAY WHAT?!

Frequencies and Your Health

Let me give an example. A healthy human body typically emits between 62 to 78 Hz. However, a body vibrating at a lower frequency of 42 Hz may be susceptible to cancer.

Here’s something fascinating: a negative mental state can lower a person’s frequency by 10-12 MHz, while prayer, meditation, and positivity can raise it by 10-15 Hz! Your state of mind is actually measurable.

Roses, on the other hand, reach a whopping 320 Hz! That’s a powerful punch of good, good, good vibrations! (Read to the tune of the Beach Boys, of course.)

That’s why many studies and fields like aromatherapy focus on using higher frequencies to eradicate or neutralize disease and banish the blues. (If this interests you, please check out the links below for further reference.)

Here are eight ways to incorporate roses into your daily routine and elevate your good mojo. Remember: using this flower extract in your skin care means that you need to take time to stop and smell the roses. And give yourself a loving hug while you’re at it too!


Rub Them In

zweenaZweena, which means “beautiful” in Moroccan, harnesses the anti-aging benefits of elegant Moroccan rose oil and combines it with hydrating argan oil, rosehip seed oil, pomegranate seed oil, and evening primrose oil for its intoxicating blend, Argan Rose Rejuvenating Serum, $58. (Full disclosure: the lovely co-founder, Jayme Barrett, generously mailed me a couple of samples for review.)

It boasts USDA Organic certification, as well as ECOCERT certification.

I love this company’s candid story (interestingly, there’s love involved!) and its attention to pure natural ingredients, sustainable harvesting, and support of women in fair-trade cooperatives. But it’s the addition of rose oil that really sets this product apart from other argan oil options.

Smooth Them On

Roses transform Simply Divine Botanicals’ Rose du Jour, $29.95, into a luxurious cream too. It contains an impressive list of ingredients light and lively enough to delight oily to combination skin. The first ingredients just happen to be: “Unconditional Love & Gratitude.” AWW!

Scrub Some
rosa y fruta
Leave it to the stringency of Rosa y Fruta to derive its rose oil through the purest possible method of extraction! (Did you know that it takes hundreds of rose petals to extract a small amount of oil?)
Most companies dilute the oils, steam-distill the roses, or extract them with solvents. That’s not so for the quality rose oil in Ambrosia de Rosa Mask & Scrub, $48, purely extracted by experts in India.
The PINK mask (did you hear me say PINK?) feels luxurious while the rose jojoba beads are just scrubby enough to exfoliate effectively but gently. Rose clay, sea kelp bioferment, and white willow bark round out this extraordinary purifying and hydrating product.
Swipe Them

Shobha Rosewater Cleansing Cloths, $30, are amazingly versatile and can be used:

  • As the perfect pick-me-up during a hot, summer’s day. (Tuck the convenient travel-friendly wipes, $9, in your bag for a long day out.)
  • For a quick and gentle clean up after waxing.
  • For little “bird baths” to freshen perspiring pits. (Thanks for coining the term, Green Beauty Expert Kristen Arnett!)
  • For those lazy nights when removing makeup is a necessity, but the last thing you want to do. Chamomile, aloe, and cucumber extracts work their soothing magic too.
  • To awaken the senses with that über-feminine rose scent!

The cheerful yellow pop-up canister make these wipes stand out from the crowd. The only thing they can’t do is wipe for you! [Sadly, this product does contain some objectionable ingredients. Please use your own discernment.]

Roll Them

While we are talking perspiring armpits, let’s throw in the delicately scented Fresca Natural Deodorant in Valley Rose, $18, hailing from Down Under. I discovered this deodorant through a glowing review posted by Katie on The Green Product Junkie who said that no others worked for her like this one. Naturally, that meant that I had to try it. The certified Bulgarian rose oil makes this product unique and raises the bar. I definitely needed a couple of bird baths during the day, though 😉

Color with Them

Rose Berry lip tintWhat could be prettier than tantalizing rosebud lips and flushed, rosy cheeks? Try Zoet Bathlatier’s tasty Rose Berry All Natural Lip Tint, $12.50. This delicately scented confection, cased in an adorable sliding tin, gives that covetable, just-bitten hint of color, while a medley of luscious oils plump that pout perfectly.

Dust your cheeks with crushed roses in Rejuva Minerals Soft Rose Blush, $13.95, to brighten the face, then store the LOVEbagcropped-200x200eco-friendly container in the sweet organic canvas LOVE pouch by One Love Organics, $18.

Mix Them Up

Combine 1/3 rose water with 2/3 olive oil for a heady body oil that isn’t greasy at all and leaves you smelling—well, like a rose!

Use Heritage Store Rose Petals Rosewater, $6.69, or make your own. Elaine Springer of Beauty and Grace likes buying dried roses from Mountain Rose Herbs, steeping them in hot but not boiling water, and using the rose-infused water to fill a tinted glass spray bottle.

Spritz yourself to lift your auric field, your sheets, your room, and anywhere you wish to enjoy it.
Drink Them Up


If you have never seen the sheer sachets used by Tazo teas, you’re missing something!
Add to that clusters of red rose petals, chamomile, marigold, and lavender flowers, plus herbal leaves in Tazo’s Calm Chamomile Herbal tea, $6.95, and you’ve got a tranquilizing love potion.
Relish this potent brew at the end of a long day by sipping deliberately or steaming in a bowl. Inhale slowly, and allow the scent to open up your pores and your heart.

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