Whenever I plan my menus, I think in terms of color. The same goes for smoothies. If you can’t eat them all, then blend them!

My smoothies are usually so random.  Absolutely no measurements are required to make a delicious health cocktail.

For the Base Liquid
Often—if I feel like cleaning the juicer AND the Vitamix afterwards—I’ll juice my own base liquid of organic carrots, celery, maybe ginger and beets, and heavy on the apples.

For the Body
Then into the Vitamix, I’ll throw in the pre-juiced liquid, plus any veggies and berries on hand: kale, spinach, parsley, avocado, frozen or fresh blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, a fresh—usually sadly overripe—banana, and sometimes even pineapple.

The Add-ons
Then if I’m really adventurous, in go some chia seeds, hemp seeds, aloe vera juice, or Udo’s 3-6-9 Oil Blend (or any nutritious oil high in omegas like hemp seed oil or raw coconut oil).

The Scary Part
There’s a lot of mixing at that point, and people run and hide. (Vitamix can get noisy.)

Usually this looks so delicious that I think I’m salivating now just thinking about it!

Actually, it really doesn’t look that good every time. It’s kind of a mystery that way. It depends on how heavy on the fruit and beets I’ve gotten.

So there you have it—my recipe-less smoothie that tastes really, really good. Just ask my finicky husband who used to never eat veggies (no joke).

He’s like Mikey in the classic Life cereal commercial: “Hey, Mikey! He likes it!” And then the kids proceed to guzzle down the formerly repugnant “healthy-looking” cereal.

My husband drinks this and doesn’t have to be forced…most of the time (*sheepish grin*).

Thus far no luck with the kids though. So I’m still feverishly devising the perfect formula.

Up Next: An almond milk based raw cacao smoothie that’s like a chocolate milkshake. Mmmmm…. (Disclaimer: parent approved; son literally gagged. SIGH. Back to the mad scientist laboratory!)

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