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My family and I discovered first-hand how reflexology is not just another feel-good massage—but rather a powerful therapeutic treatment. The proof was easy to see through the amazing healing experiences that I’ll be telling you about in this post.

How it works

Reflexology is an Ancient Chinese technique that uses pressured massage to open blocked energy passages in the body allowing it to restore to optimum functioning capacity.  I like to think of it as rebooting your original factory settings.

Highly Recommended Reflexologist

Years ago a medical intuitive directed me to an outstanding reflexologist, Gilli (Mei-Rav) David who practices in Brooklyn, NY.

I have had reflexology treatments before but nothing compares to the detox that happens with Gilli. And let me tell you, when she zooms in on targeted spots—OUCH! I can really feel the blocked energy moving. Often during a typical session, Gilli will dab a tissue on the foot as toxins release through the feet.

I have brought many people her way because she has helped my kids resolve issues that they struggled with for years in a matter of one or two sessions.  She is worth seeing for a range of ailments including: allergies, digestive problems, skin issues, viral infections, body detoxing, weight loss issues, fertility, and then some.

Healing Experience #1: Plantar Warts

One of my sons developed plantar warts on his feet.  Plantar warts stem from a viral infection in the system.

My friend’s son had them too, and she went the typical medical route. The podiatrist removed them by mechanically digging out the warts from the sensitive skin on his feet.  That sounds VERY invasive to me and was extremely painful to the young boy who had holes in his feet that took a long time to heal.

After a session or two with Gili, my son’s warts disappeared. It did not require surgery, pain meds, bandages, or a healing period. I was thrilled!

Then, I thought I was imagining things. It can’t be that easy. I needed to know that this treatment was for real.

Healing Experience #2: Molluscum

So, I brought my 3-year-old daughter who had a pretty nasty case of molluscum, a viral infection that exhibits wart-like scabs all over the body.  Two of my other kids had it too, but my youngest daughter’s raised mollusca looked more severe and would not clear up on its own. In fact the condition was getting worse.

Each visit, all my daughter had to do was lie down on the massage table while Gili worked on her feet. (A video we brought along for her to watch during the hour-long session helped too!)

Within a few days after the session, the molluscum no longer looked as red and irritated as before.  It was one of those “rub-your-eyes” moments.  After a second session, they were gone.

Now that’s something to click my heels over.

Have you ever experienced reflexology? Tell us about it in the comments!


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