The secrets of your skin revealed

I just watched a commercial of a woman eating something that did not agree with her. Out popped the antacid tablet to save the day.  The 30-second commercial sends the message that now she can go on enjoying the very food that her body was telling her to stop eating.

Skin works the same way.  Sure, we can keep piling on the products to conceal the flare-ups; dab on the benzoyl peroxide to wipe out that pimple; or buy the most expensive miracle lotion to erase those wrinkles.

But what are those imbalances actually telling us?  Maybe it is time for us to examine them on a deeper level.

Skin is a message board, a direct communication from our body to us. It is the first organ that will show signs of distress. Are we listening to it?

Or are we listening to the media and to allopathic dermatologists that tell us to cover it up, blast it, zap it, shoot it with fillers and silicones, and take toxic medications that cause depression and feelings of suicide? (No joke! Looking at you, Accutane.)

Denying the issues, ignoring them, or reducing them to a pill will not make them go away. They will go inward and surface again—often as something worse. Healing is not about suppressing symptoms through topical treatments, but about releasing them.

This gorgeous diagram was created by talented graphic designer and artist (and my kids’ art teacher) Joy Steinberg. The ancient Chinese wisdom of face mapping teaches that imbalances on the skin correlate to imbalances in the body. Its wisdom continues to teach us how to discover the beautiful map that is our face.  Every line tells a story.  Sometimes when we let go of long-withheld grief or emotion, the lines go away by themselves. No special cream required.

Our biography becomes our biology.  We simply need to take time to ask what’s happening within. And then thank the body for being the incredible messenger that it is.




Graphic by Joy Steinberg

For more about Chinese face reading, check out the valuable contribution of foremost experts Lillian Bridges and Jean Haner.

I have worked with both of them and wrote an article about the five reasons to avoid Botox and other plastic surgery for the Epoch Times.

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